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Jayaprakash Institute of Social Change

Founded as an NGO in 1973, Jayaprakash Institute of Social Change was named after the well-known scholar, freedom fighter and venerable social revolutionary the late Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan. In this endeavour, the late Prof. Sugata Dasgupta and the late Kshitish Roychowdhury, an ardent follower of Gandhian philosophy provided necessary guidance for the growth and development of the organization.

The objective of the Institute was to study the social work, economic and cultural changes taking place in independent India and also to generate action oriented programmes for the uplift of the micro-societies through awareness, community development and social action.

Over the years the Institute has grown to be a learning centre on social studies and has established its credentials in social research, monitoring and evaluations studies, gender issues, capacity building of of various stakeholders on Government functionaries on child, gender and development related issues. It  runs short stay homes for the vulnerable women and survivors of trafficking/violence and provides counselling support to people from all walks of life through its counselling centres.

JPISC is the only NGO, which has been running School of Social Work (recognized by Vidyasagar University) and offering Post-graduate Degree in Social Work (MSW) in the eastern Part of India.

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Our Thoughts
“If our goal is to help all the people at any time and not the aggrandizement of a few, our efforts should be directed to reach a no-poverty, non-development non-affluence society”
-Prof. Sugata Dasgupta (Founder, Jayaprakash Institute of Social Change

 The Institute